Necessity drives innovation. Looking at the world today, the need for smart, sustainable solutions to our common problems is undeniably there.

We envision a zero-waste future where product life expansion is a standard practice. We believe in a better path forward, one that embraces the human drive to innovate, without harming the planet in the process. What started with traditional textile manufacturing has shifted to the development of new textile technologies. Piana has been committed to sustainable solutions since our start in 1582 — we’re dedicated to tackling challenges of the 21st century with the same innovative mindset that’s kept our family business thriving for centuries.

Piana’s technologies are versatile by design and positioned to integrate into tomorrow’s innovations, whatever they may be.

Piana Technology is driven by a vision that we can transform industries with radically innovative technological advancements that upgrade and change as we do. In 2021 we invented something entirely new — an infinitely adaptable material to meet the demands of the 21st century. The personalized, upgradable, circular economy-driven future awaits.

A sustainable future, powered by PIANA SMART™.
Piana Smart™ is a growing collection of innovative fiber-based technologies that integrate circular designs, engineering, and manufacturing processes with high quality, sustainable materials.

SUSTAINABLE for a circular economy

MOLDABLE to any shape

ADAPTABLE to countless industries

RESPONSIVE to our customers' unique needs

TRANSFORMATIVE of industries

Technologies powered by Piana Smart™. Adaptable and customizable — for people and planet

v-smart logo
Smart in every way

By Piana Nonwovens

V/Smart is a revolutionary, fiber-based textile material formulated for high-performance, sustainability, and future adaptability. Engineered through a unique process in which eco-friendly fibers are vertically oriented into a high-loft nonwoven design, V/Smart is infinitely tweakable for comfort, density, and shape — a powerful material for bedding, transportation, furniture, automotive, and anywhere else polyurethane foam is found. Personalizable to client and customer needs, V/Smart is crafted using certified non-toxic, recyclable material and can be molded into any imaginable shape.

V/Smart offers advantages that make it a sustainable alternative to conventional materials, and at the end of a product’s lifecycle, 100% of its materials can be reclaimed, recycled, sanitized, and reshaped into endless possibilities. V/Smart satisfies the needs of the modern world, even as it changes.

• Up to 10x more breathable than PU foam
• Up to 60% lighter than PU foam
• Even pressure point distribution
• No moisture retention
• Non-toxic and free  of harmful VOCs
• Odorless (no off-gassing)
• Self-extinguishing

V/Smart can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 70% compared to PU foam. Upgradeable mattresses, performance car seating that never sees a landfill, ultra-lightweight airplane seating… Your imagination is the limit.

Fiber treatments
Opportunity through sustainability

By Tintoria Piana 

Fiber is the platform from which we explore and develop sustainable innovations. Our revolutionary fiber treatment technologies help companies gain the competitive edge with creative, eco-friendly, high-tech products. We work directly with clients to engineer novel solutions to complex problems — our R&D team has been solving challenges for decades, developing unique technologies across an array of industries, working alongside Fortune 500 companies and nonprofits with the same vigor.

SaveDrop® Cationic Cotton treatment
Water is life, don’t waste it

SaveDrop® is a revolutionary technology that pre-treats cotton before dyeing, making the dyeing process both efficient and environmentally friendly. Available on an industrial scale, our SaveDrop® technology allows for massive reductions in energy and water consumption while  serving up vibrant colors and clear backwaters.

• Allows 100% of dyes to be absorbed vs. 60% of traditional cotton dyeing
• Up to 90% less water used due to fewer rinses
• 75% less energy needed due to a shorter dyetime
• No chemicals needed due to a much higher dye absorption rate
• Clear backwater due virtually 0% residue of dye vs. 40% of traditional cotton dyeing

Cotton comprises 45% of all fibers used within the global textile industry. 
There is an opportunity in this sector for future-forward companies to adopt water-friendly dyeing technologies as we strive for a healthier planet.
SaveDrop® technology is able to support unlimited fabric patterns by blending yarns made with different amounts of cationic cotton and normal cotton — seen in striped patterns, shade gradations, and denim effects. 
Use less, give more to our planet!

Dyeing and Bleaching
Classic & Custom Colors

Tintoria Piana dyes in all color ranges for natural and synthetic fibers — our present color range offers classic and modern shades obtained with sustainable, reactive dyes. We also offer custom color capabilities and work with clients to develop their desired tones as well as color-match existing tones.Tintoria Piana also offers cotton bleaching for medical, hygiene, and home craft applications, and scour for natural and synthetic fibers.

Antimicrobial treatment
Safer together

Tintoria Piana offers antimicrobial treatment for natural and synthetic fibers. Our silver-based formula absorbs into fiber directly, creating an environment that is safe from microbes and bacteria, ideal for countless applications from hospitals to sports medicine, hotels and public schools.

This treatment can be combined with any of our other treatments to create fibers with multiple performance characteristics. Adding antimicrobial properties to hydrophilic polyester? Or to dyed cotton to create antimicrobial sportswear? The possibilities are endless.

Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic treatments
Moisture management where it counts

Tintoria Piana treatments change how moisture interacts with fiber.

• Hydrophilic treatment — increase moisture absorption properties
• Hydrophobic treatment — repel moisture from fiber
• Combination treatment — effectively wick moisture away

Our chemical treatments allow for precise and effective moisture management on different types of fibers, usable in applications from apparel to filtration systems.

Digital Printing
Personalized hyperfunctionality

By Piana Nonwovens

Imagine a layer of ultra-breathable fiber, enriched with molecules that cool, relax, or promote active athletic recovery through use? Piana’s digital printing technology adds functionality to our patented nonwoven materials by infusing molecular compounds through the materials’ surface and into its substrate. Our ability to infuse deep into the nonwoven structure gives us higher capacity to calibrate the long-lasting benefits, while our nonwovens’ excellent air permeability increases their effectiveness.

Our digital printing technology can be applied to both V/Smart and Cross-lapped nonwovens and can be combined with any of the treatments offered by Tintoria Piana or Piana ECO Planet, including antimicrobial or sustainable flame retardant treatments. 

Examples of Piana’s digital printing technologies include:

• Cooling: Phase Changing Materials (PCM) 
• Customizable aromatherapy for specific needs
• Sleep and mood enhancers
• Molecules for advanced athletic recovery

The Piana Technology R&D team is constantly at work developing new benefits and functionalities to add value to our sustainable fibers. Connect with us to develop custom digital fiber printing for your next project.

Flame Retardant Treatment
We can save lives together

by Tintoria Piana & Piana ECO Planet

Piana Technology’s patented Flame Retardant System for nonwovens evenly distributes FR throughout the entire fiber, creating unparalleled safety within a non-toxic cocoon of protection.

Our patented flame retardant (FR) technology is the most efficient treatment on the market, boasting a process by which the FR chemistry penetrates the cellulosic fiber, distributing itself evenly. Our flame retardant chemistry is built from food-grade inorganic salt and does not use harmful chemicals, making it both safe and non-toxic to both people and the environment. Applied in a closed-loop system, there is no chemical loss into the environment.

We are able to treat all types of natural fibers including bleached cotton, scoured cotton, rayon, kenaf, jute, flax, wool, cashmere, and recycled shoddy.

Our FR treatment passes CPSC 16 CFR Part 1633, ASTM E84, UL 94, and FMVSS 302. Additional performance can be added to FR-treated fibers by combining with other Tintoria Piana treatments. We apply our patented FR treatment to industries such as bedding and automotive.

Cross-Lap Technology
Customization without limit

By Piana Nonwovens

Piana Nonwovens Cross-Lap Technology transforms single layer or dual carded layers of fiber web into multiple orthogonally arranged and stacked layers to create a nonwoven with wide range of thickness and basis weight for myriad applications. It delivers a uniform and top-quality profile across the length and width of product. They can be produced quickly and sustainably, and they are 100% recoverable at end of life, ready to be made into their next iteration.

Piana Cross-Lap materials are extremely breathable and lightweight, allowing for excellent insulation, temperature management, and soundproofing. They can be made of natural or synthetic fiber blends, including recycled fiber, can be scrim laminated, and are highly customizable.

High performance treated fibers patented by Piana Technology can be used to provide unique and efficient solutions — such as FR and antimicrobial barriers — in thousands of custom applications.

Steam Molding
Sustainable textile technologies take shape

By Piana Shapes

Piana Shapes molding technology presents a patented fiber-based molding process using steam to (re)shape a special mix of our recyclable nonwovens into any form needed. Developed to meet the increasing need of specific non uniform geometric applications within a sustainable, expedient, and circular design, Piana Shapes works in a matter of minutes. Combined with 100% recoverable-at-end-of-life V/Smart material, our molding technology has the potential to take yesterday’s technology and reuse it for the innovations of tomorrow.

Articles planned for application include transportation seating (e.g., automotive, airplane, maritime, etc.), furniture, bedding, and other articles with nonuniform geometry and with resiliency, comfort, and support requirements.

Several additional technologies are currently in development — join us as we strive toward our vision of a zero-waste world

Diagnostic Sensing & Biomarkers
Developing Diagnostic Tools

By Piana Sleep

Piana Nonwovens’ emerging diagnostic sensing technology can be embedded directly into Piana Technology fiber products, enabling predictive sensing capabilities with the ability to identify pathogens, biomarkers, and receptors.

For the past few years, we have been collaborating with a team of biologists, neurologists, physicists and chemists on a host of radical textile solutions.

Our vision is to create a transformative sleep experience for the world by combining science, medicine, diagnostic capabilities, and curing technologies.

Research: new technology testing and implementation

Piana Tech has a strong textile background to support customer’s project from fiber to final product. Piana Tech can be used as a technological platform: once a project has been selected, we offer the flexibility to fast track the evaluation of any technology relevant to the customer. Our technological platform is a strategic asset for evaluation of any projects and ideas that might generate market advantage and economic benefits. Let us know what areas we can develop together.