The Road To Zero is a journey toward greater good in manufacturing:

Zero Waste
Zero Net Emissions
Zero Excuses

We are dedicated to empowering the circular economy through example, to transforming ourselves into a business built for good, and working with people and organizations who share the Piana vision while taking responsibility for our collective impact on planet earth. We are fully committed to improving mankind’s quality of life and building a better future for our planet through an ethical and caring approach to technological growth and application. This journey is not simply a goal — it’s why we exist.

Our promise is not only to hold ourselves accountable to our stakeholders — our customers, employees, and the communities we support — but to integrate social responsibility and environmental stewardship into our very ethos. This guides our actions and acts as our North Star as Piana Technology continues to innovate and create new products, especially in service of collaborative efforts.

Our promise is the heart of our sustainability mission. We develop and offer innovative technologies that integrate social responsibility, environmental stewardship, and next generation performance into everything we produce. There are three guiding principles that fuel our collective journey forward:
Product, People, and Planet


We strive to continuously offer transformational technologies that set new standards for sustainability and performance. To unleash the most transformational and innovative products possible into the world, we apply a lens of stewardship, innovation, and integrity to all research and development.


We strive to always prioritize our social responsibility, ensuring the health of our stakeholders; our teams, partners, and the communities that we interact with daily that keep us committed to our promise. Without the brilliance and hard work of our people, there is no Piana Technology. Without prioritizing people, there is no path forward.


We are above all else a servant leader in environmental stewardship and strive to eliminate negative impacts on our planet while generating positivity and reinforcing our collective responsibility to the world we call our home. We believe that how we interact with Planet Earth ultimately comes down to this ROI: the Responsibilities of our Outputs start with our Inputs.

Our sustainability mission is centered around seven commitments that embody the ethos of the Piana Promise. We are dedicated to leading change through example, to transforming ourselves into a business for good, and to working with those that share the Piana vision. We empower our team to perform at peak and hold ourselves accountable to our environmental responsibilities.

7 pillars of Piana
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Our FR-Treated Fibers are UL Formaldehyde Free Validated

recycled  certificate logo

Recycled Claim Standard Certified at our Piana Nonwovens Facilities in Georgia and Arizona

greenguard  certificate logo

GreenGuard Gold certified for our Piana Sleep™ Topper and FR-Treated Fibers

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Zero Discharge Verified for our Closed-Loop Wet Treatment process

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Global Recycled Standard Certified at our Piana Nonwovens Facilities in Georgia and Arizona

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Piana Nonwovens is ISO14001 certified for their Environmental Management System at both facilities.

Piana Smart™ and the Circular Economy
The Road To Zero starts with technological innovation

Piana Smart™ is a growing collection of innovative fiber-based technologies that integrate circular designs, engineering, and manufacturing processes with high quality, sustainable materials.

Piana Smart™ is just one part of the sustainability journey. From our individual products to our facilities and the global communities we serve, we are dedicated to fostering a better world through innovative application of modern discoveries.

The circular economy is the road to zero waste.

100% recoverable at end-of-life, Piana Smart™ can be sanitized, and re-shaped indefinitely.

V/SMART reduces gas emissions by up to 70% compared to polyurethane foam.

This is our road to ZERO

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